Storm Aircraft – Rally


The slow flying capabilities of the aircraft and great visibility make it the perfect platform for image capture. The aircraft is based at Stellenbosch Airport a 45 minute drive from Cape Town.

The aircraft, a Rally 2+2, is an Italian designed composite high-wing light sport aircraft with outstanding handling, stability and performance characteristics.

Our aircraft has been custom built for aerial filming with mounting points on both wings for directly attaching aerial camera systems.

Key Features:

  • Less expensive to hire and operate than most aerial filming platforms.
  • Adapted to take the Cinegimbal gyro stabilized aerial camera mount.
  • Technologically advanced composite construction for improved aerodynamics.
  • 914 Rotax engine for smoother, quieter operation, less vibration and more stable shots.
  • 6 Hour endurance; range 800 Nm.
  • low fuel consumption.
  • Able to fly stably at low speeds allowing for ‘helicopter-like’ shots.
  • Cruise115mph; stall speed with full flaps 40mph.
  • Great visibility ideal for filming.
  • Class leading large cabin size.
  • Short take off and landing capabilities.
  • Removable wings allow containerization and shipment to locations.
  • State-of-the-art cockpit instrumentation.
  • HD viewing monitor.
  • Captive cables in the wings provide power to the camera mounts and duct video and remote operations between camera and operator.

Rally packed up in a container ready to ship