Equipment Hire


As a production company we have a continual turn over of equipment, most of which is in excellent condition. Below is a selection of items for sale. Please contact us for further details and prices.

  • Arriflex SR11 super 16mm camera
  • Bolex H16EL kit including Switar 10mm and 26mm lenses
  • Sony DSR570 DVCAM Camera Body
  • Sony RM-B150 camera remote
  • Bosher straightscope and periscope
  • Bolex underwater housing
  • Denard 300 and 500watt infra red lights
  • Bee protection suits
  • Satellite telephone
  • Scubacam Surf Ace for Arri SR2
  • Kawalski underwater lights


A wide range of professional standard video, digital video and super 16mm camera equipment is available to hire at competitive prices. We also supply lights, infrared filming equipment, tripods, time lapse kits, high speed units and many other accessories. Some items come with an experienced operator. Location insurance of the equipment is the responsibility of the client though we are happy to give advice on likely premiums and insurance brokers.

Please contact us for details on our prices, terms and conditions.

Film Equipment

  • High Speed Arriflex SR11 super 16mm camera, 3 magazines and accessories
  • Angenieux 5.9mm, Optar 8mm, Zeiss 9.5mm, 12mm, 16mm T1.3 lenses
  • Canon lenses: 11-165mm, 50-300mm, 300/600mm prime, 500mm prime
  • Arriflex Variable Footage and Speed Control unit
  • Intervalometer
  • Cinematronics time lapse unit
  • Macro kit including Tamron 90mm, Nikkor 105mm, Canon 200mm macro lenses.
  • CD100 electronic time lapse kit for Bolex
  • Range of filters

Video Equipment

Lighting Equipment

  • Arriflex 2K and 650w lights
  • Olympus KM1 fibre optic lights

Sound Equipment

  • Sony D10 DAT sound recording equipment, incl Sennheisser MKH30 and MKH60 mics

Mounts for Aerial Filming

  • Aircraft forward facing aerial camera bracket
  • 4-Axis Inertial stabilised camera platform Wing Cam One™
  • 5-Axis Gyro-stabilised camera mount, Cinegimbal HD™

Support Gear

  • Range of support gear (tripods, fluid heads, dolly, mini jib, portable 15ft crane)
  • Scotty portable smoke machine
  • Tree platforms
  • Sub aqua diving gear
  • Climbing equipment
  • Range of tenting and camping equipment (located in Tanzania)
  • Range Rover camera vehicle (located in Tanzania)

Stills Photographic Equipment