Cinegimbal HD

The Cinegimbal is the culmination of years of research and development into aerial camera systems – our goal being to achieve stunning aerials to our clients’ exacting needs at a fraction of the normal costs associated with stabilized camera systems.

The Cinegimbal has been approved by the Civil Aviation Authority for attachment to our purpose-built Rally light aircraft as well as a variety of Cessna high-wing aircraft. It is also certified for use on helicopters. Wild Images has teamed up with Gert Uys of Airborne Camera Experts to provide an economic HD camera system for clients who need helicopter-based aerials. The Cinegimbal can be used on the Squirrel or Bell series helicopters.

Key features:

  • Gyro stabilization on five axes
  • Full camera and gimbal functions remotely controlled from within the aircraft – pan, tilt, roll, zoom, focus, iris, record, ND filters
  • Images viewed and recorded inside the aircraft via HD-SDI for nearly unlimited record time and a variety of record deck options
  • Easy installation in minutes without modification to the aircraft
  • Optional independent power source means that it can be installed on virtually any aircraft without hassle
  • Highly transportable as excess baggage or freight without any country restrictions
  • STC Approved by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)
  • Pan 360° continuous (via slip-ring)
  • Tilt +10° -120° from the horizontal,
  • Roll ±45°