Aerial Cameras

For twenty years we have been filming aerials around the world in places as far flung as Tanzania, Namibia, Argentina and Indonesia. Today aerial photography and cinematography are specialties of ours. For further details please contact us.

Our Aerial Camera Mounts

Our experience in the film industry led us to recognise the need for a versatile camera platform that could deliver stable moving images under a wide range of conditions. It took four years of research and development to perfect our first gyro stabilised mount, WingCam One™. We were able to use WingCam One as a test bed for our next generation of mounts, including our current flagship the Cinegimbal HD.

Cinegimbal HD is at the forefront of our development of HD aerial camera systems. It is lightweight, compact and easily installed. It boasts 5 axis gyro stabilisation, captive HD camera and a variety of recording options. Click here for more detailed specifications on the Cinegimbal HD.

WingCam One™ is a unique camera platform developed primarily for use on Cessna and other light aircraft. Features include 4 axis gyro stabilisation and interchangeable camera packages. Click here for more information on WingCam One.

Gyro MS280 Multi-spectral System.
Introducing our first aerial camera mount with a multi-spectral payload, this mount has been designed specifically for surveillance, targeting and power line inspection. Click here for more information on the Gyro MS280.

Mini Gyro 125 is our smallest mount. With its 4 axis stabilisation, it is the perfect camera mount for UAV’s as well as manned vehicles. Click here for more information on the Mini Gyro 125.


WingCam One™ is approved by the Civil Aviation Authority and has an Aviation Supplemental Type Certificate (STC).

Cinegimbal HD has already been STC approved by the Civil Aviation Authority for attachment to our purpose-built Rally light aircraft as well as all models of Cessna 172, 182 and 206. We are also currently in the process of certification of the mount on helicopters.


The mounts’ design, concept and unique characteristics are being registered with the South African Patents Office.

Mount Hire

WingCam One™ and Cinegimbal HD are currently based in South Africa but can be shipped to your film location at cost. The mount is normally hired together with an operator, Richard Matthews who holds a UK and South African Pilot’s Licence. For further details please contact us.

Cineflex V14 (as seen on BBC’s ‘Planet Earth’ series), based in Cape Town, South Africa, is the aerial camera platform of choice when filming more difficult subjects. The Cineflex V14 has changed the face of what shots can be achieved from the air. Contact us for more details.

Visit equipment hire for a complete list of available kit for hire.